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Jamie Fawcett

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) profiled Jamie Fawcett on their award winning series about the lives of significant and/or interesting Australian people, Australian Story. The feature was entitled 'The Money Shot' and with that title the ABC managed to sum Jamie up completely. The The Money Shot is what Jamie is all about- getting the best photo of the right person at the right time. By putting all the elements of celebrity news with top quality celebrity pictures, Jamie’s photos sell, and his photos sell magazines and publications worldwide.


Jamie’s paparazzi career began quite by accident. While working as a journalist in Europe on a high profile case, his editor called him to ask ‘did he have a camera’. When Jamie replied that he did not, he was told to ‘get a camera, and get a photo’. Jamie did both and was paid much more for the photo than for writing the article. At that point Jamie realized that all of his talents, skills and experience were ideally suited to the work of paparazzi photography. His first celebrity photo was of Tom Cruise and he has not looked back since. By staying on the pulse of celebrity action and getting high quality celebrity pictures, Jamie gets the pictures that sell.

Australian Story - The Money Shot




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